Winter Vine 2017

In our 2017 Winter vine we share some very exciting news. We are thrilled to announce that Pepo Botanic Design have been awarded the garden maintenance contract at Bronte House. With such a rich history it is an absolute delight to be a part of this gardens development. We are inspired by the fact that in 1845 the owners Robert and Georgia Lowe completed building the house and the earliest images of the house and garden are provided by Georgia who was a watercolour artists, botanist and gardener. In many of her sketches you are able to see some of the original plants including a giant bunch of bamboo which is still there today.

More recently Leo Schofield, Myles Baldwin and others developed the garden, introducing a universal plant pallet. We thought we would share some of the more rare plant species with you, in the Pepo Vine you will find the beautiful and bold Wigandia caracasana.

In this Vine we are happy to introduce Kate (Katie) Budd. Kate is a Landscape designer with many skills, coming  from a Garden Design and Project Management roll in TV she is creative and versatile and has bought a fresh new approach to the design department of the company.
See some fun facts about Katie on our profile page.

Recently, photographer Natalie Hunfalvay shot one of our gardens in Randwick. The garden was redesigned, rebuilt and is now being maintained by our skilled maintenance team so it reaches its full potential. See the feature article in this month’s Green Magazine.