Pepo Botanic Design has been designing, installing and caring for premium gardens across Sydney and regional New South Wales for more than 20 years. We plan and consider each aspect carefully and are known for our sculptural designs and unique plant choices.

Our landscape designers work in close collaboration with our horticulturists and a trusted network of consultants and specialist contractors to design, install and care for gardens throughout every stage of the process, making us one of the more unique garden services in Sydney.

Our landscape designers specialise in designing tailored gardens which are precisely and carefully installed by our in-house and preferred construction experts.

We follow a clear design and installation process to bring your dream garden to life:


Initial Phone Conversation

One of our landscape designers will discuss your brief and initial ideas with you over the phone, at which time you are invited to complete an online questionnaire and supply photos of your garden spaces. Once complete, we review the questionnaire and contact you to arrange a design consultation.


Design Consultation & Fee Proposal

We will visit you at your garden site, where we will discuss your brief in detail while you show us around the space. This visit will give us a detailed understanding of the site conditions, layout of your property and aspect of your garden. During the consultation we will discuss your garden wants and needs in further detail, project budget and our design process.

After this consultation, we will issue you with a fee proposal to produce a professional design concept. Once you agree to proceed, we will begin work on your personalised landscape design.


Concept Design

Our concept design is where your garden begins to take shape. This package includes a set of plans, sketches, precedents and ideas to visually express the look and feel of your garden design, as well as potential plants, materials and furniture. It’s a comprehensive document that allows you to envisage your proposed new garden. This package can also be used as part of your development application process, if required.


Construction Documentation

Large and detailed jobs may require further detail and this is the stage at which we provide a fee proposal for construction documentation. We will also discuss the involvement of any other professionals that may be required, such as certifiers, engineers and surveyors. Your landscape designer then creates a detailed package of documentation that the construction team will use to accurately cost and construct the project.


Construction and Installation

Once you have approved your construction documentation, our project management service oversees the installation of your garden. Your landscape designer will liaise with our construction manager to ensure they have a clear understanding of your requirements. We will then prepare an estimate and timeline to install your garden.

We take full responsibility for overall project administration, organising all necessary contracts and insurances, as well as ordering products, plants and materials. We select construction experts based on the specific requirements of your design, with our qualified horticulturists and landscapers installing the soft landscaping and planting.


Caring for Your Garden

We are committed to ensuring that your garden thrives. Through our garden care service, our dedicated team of horticulturists will work with you to make sure your garden prospers once the design and installation process is complete.

Our highly regarded garden care service is designed to ensure that your garden flourishes. With over 100 clients, we pride ourselves on providing respectful horticultural care and ongoing professional advice. Our maintenance coordinator and horticulture manager will carefully tailor a program to ensure we achieve the best results for you and your garden.


Initial Phone Conversation

During our initial phone conversation we take the time to review your specific needs. One of our specialists will record your contact details and location as a starting point, initiating the process of understanding your particular maintenance requirements.


On-Site Consultation

Whether your garden has been designed and installed by us, or you are engaging Pepo Botanic Design for the first time, we will meet with you face to face to consider your specific requirements together.

During this on-site consultation, our experienced horticulture manager will discuss your location, size of the space, the maturity and type of plants and any specific problems you may be experiencing. We will also closely examine the health of your plants, pruning options and soil type, with this meeting taking up to an hour.



Once we have assessed your needs, we determine the amount of time that will be necessary to provide essential ongoing care for your garden. We also determine what elements are required to ensure your garden is well nurtured and invigorated, including plants and soil improvers such as fertiliser and mulch. A written maintenance program is available at this stage, on request.


Regular Visits

Our regular visits give you peace of mind, knowing your garden is in the capable hands of professionals. We will always call to confirm your scheduled booking before we arrive and one-off visits are also welcome, if you prefer. Clients are under no obligation to sign a contract and this flexibility allows you the freedom to change or cancel your bookings by contacting our office.

We understand diversity is important and our experienced team is available to continually evaluate your garden as it evolves.


Terms and Conditions

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