What we’ve been reading (& listening to)


Image by Derrick L. Turner/Michigan State University via The New York Times


At Pepo, we love to read far and wide, constantly fuelling our obsession with plants, gardens, nature and ecology.

Here are the latest articles (and podcast episodes) that we’ve enjoyed.


Bruce Pascoe on How to Build a Sustainable Australia

7am Podcast

“For the past three years author and farmer Bruce Pascoe has been trying to establish a sustainable practice on his land. Informed by the Indigenous farming techniques he researched for his bestseller Dark Emu, he’s seeking to undo the damaging legacy inflicted through decades of post-colonial practices.”


One of the World’s Longest-Running Experiments Sends Up Sprouts

The New York Times

“After lying dormant in buried bottles for 142 years, 11 seeds germinated on the Michigan State University campus after scientists planted them.”


Why Bitcoin is Bad for the Environment

The New Yorker

“Cryptocurrency mining uses huge amounts of power—and can be as destructive as the real thing.”


The Dark Side of the House Plant Boom

The Atlantic

“American culture is becoming more and more preoccupied with nature. What if all the celebrations of the wild world are actually manifestations of grief?”