Spring Vine 2018

Pepo Botanic Design - Marrickville

Welcome to our September edition of The Spring Vine.

When the first waft of jasmine is carried on the breeze, it’s a sure sign that Spring is gently arriving and the cooler months are behind us. As one of the most invigorating seasons of the year, our gardens once again invite us to venture outside to enjoy the warmer air and indulge in a multitude of fragrances and colours.

Transforming outdoor spaces using intuitive design

Here at Pepo Botanic Design, the team continues to bring a wide selection of unique and beautiful designs to life. We are thrilled to share our Marrickville Project with you, which was featured in the June edition of Australian House and Garden magazine and highlights our commitment to excellent plant choices and space.

Pepo Botanic Design- Marrickville garden

A mix of Australian natives and exotics have been combined to create structure while hardier plant types were chosen to skirt the pool area. A well-placed vegie patch and rotating cropping rewards this Sydney family with fresh edibles all year round.

 A love of plants inspires Pepo’s newest landscape designer

Angus Munro, better known as “Gus”, admits that he loves to get his hands in the dirt and immerse himself in the world of plants and the myriad of possible varieties.

This surfing enthusiast has travelled extensively, previously operated his own garden irrigation business and worked for one of the state’s premier wholesale nurseries. His studies and experience combined with his friendly nature make him the perfect fit for Pepo. Gus’s wife is a talented artist and his two daughters love spending time in their own garden with their Dad on weekends!

A ‘must have’ plant for every garden  

The Ligularia Tussilaginea, also known as the Leopard Plant, is one of our favourite garden choices! Although it has been around for a long time, it has seen a resurgence in recent years thanks to its deep green kidney shaped foliage and large spires of daisy like flowers that bloom from late summer to early autumn.

Originating from the seashores of China, it grows well in most places and is happiest sitting in dappled shade and nutrient rich soil. This plant (pictured below) was photographed by one of our team while tending to the horticultural maintenance at Bronte House.

 Take the stress out of your garden maintenance   

Spring is the perfect time to start planting, fertilise flowers and lawns, remove those winter weeds and prune scraggly branches. Mulching is important too!

Call us now and arrange for one of our specialists to visit your garden and take care of your maintenance and horticultural needs before summer arrives.

Until next time, happy gardening.


Nicola Cameron

Director and Founder of Pepo Botanic Design.