Opening the gardens of Bronte House

Maintaining the gardens at Bronte House over the past three years has allowed us to explore their vast range of plants and design intentions. We like to think of it as the Eastern Suburbs’ very own Botanic Gardens, thanks to the passion of the original owner and plant enthusiast, Georgiana Lowe, and more recently, Leo Schofield.

Once designed and planted, gardens evolve. While caring for this garden, we have been lucky to direct that evolution, assisting the plants and garden to exhibit their optimum balance and beauty. With the passion of the current tenant, Anna Van Der Gardener, the plant selection and placement continues to develop to suit her creative desires. We see it as a partnership, born out of a shared connection to this garden, which grows ever richer and more educated as our working relationship evolves.

COVID-19 restrictions have been challenging for many of us, however the people who had the pleasure of attending the latest Bronte House Open Day across the weekend of 27-28 March were in for a treat. Instead of a large group of people flocking through the gates, the number of visitors was limited to staggered groups. This allowed them to have a tour with Anna, who shared her knowledge of the house, the garden, and each and every plant. This was a personal and almost ‘private tour’ for the lucky visitors.

The next Open Garden is planned for October 2021, so make sure to keep an eye out for when you can visit this Sydney icon. We’ll be sure to share the event details across our Facebook and Instagram, as well as in our quarterly newsletter, The Pepo Vine.