Gardening with Nicola

I am inviting you to join me in the garden each week and build a strong and positive community together.

As we all face many changes in our day to day lives, I find myself yearning to lean into the restorative embrace of our own garden.

The familiarity of our fragrant patch of herbs and our beautiful, overhanging tree provide a sense of comfort, inviting me to be present, connected and breathe for a moment.

I also feel a small sense of purpose, and an increasing drive to grow some herbs, prune framing hedges and try new plants in our garden.

And I’m inviting you to join me.

Starting this week, you are welcome to meet me in the garden via Pepo’s Facebook and Instagram pages.

Every Saturday, I will post a short clip answering your questions and together we can tackle simple garden tasks including pruning, fertilising and how to start a herb garden.

Click here to watch our first post:

You can post your questions, send videos and upload pictures of your garden and in doing so, we can begin to build a community of gardeners together and create something positive.

Follow me on Pepo Botanic Design’s pages on Facebook page and Instagram. If you don’t already follow Pepo, visit our Facebook or Instagram pages now and sign up.

See you in the garden!

Best wishes from Nicola