Autumn Vine 2019

Welcome to the Autumn edition of the Pepo Vine.

As the crisp air begins to infuse our days and the leaves make their annual transition from green to golden, we prepare ourselves for the change in season. Autumn naturally brings a welcome change of pace and time for reflection. Maybe you’re thinking about adding a sculpture to the garden? Perhaps re-configuring your outdoor space? Start by taking inspiration from our Pepo designed garden in Bondi, featured in the May edition of House and Garden magazine.

Choosing Garden Colours to Complement your Interior Design

Creating a smooth connection between your home’s interior and outside garden can be a balancing act. It’s the connecting threads that you don’t always notice that entwine the essentials and the thoughtful use of colour, that brings the complete picture together. Read more about our insights into how to accomplish a seamless transition with your garden here

Integrating Sculpture Into Your Garden

Adding a sculpture to the garden is seen by many as a luxury. Pepo Botanic Design looks at it differently. At Pepo, we believe that the garden is already a work of art. A sculpture becomes part of that work of art and adds a unique individuality. It becomes inspirational and is ideally considered at the start of the design process. Read more here

Creating A Landscape Feature

The owners of this home in Queens Park were thrilled when an accent of reclaimed Italian terracotta tiles was designed by Pepo to form an eye-capturing punctuation point, adjoining the pool.
The light catches the different hues of each rectangular block throughout the day and night and it has become itself, a work of art. See our Queens Park Garden here

Pepo’s Plant Pick

Salvia leucantha- Mexican Sage

This season we are drawn to the beauty and versatility of Salvia leucantha, more commonly known as Mexican Sage. This delightful plant has been known to flower throughout the year, especially when nestled in free draining soil and bathed in full sunlight.The new flower spikes add a soft sculptural element within sunny gardens and Sydney’s humid conditions suit it well.
Salvia leucantha thrives abundantly in the expansive grounds of Sydney’s historic Bronte House. The Pepo team is proud to maintain and gently oversee the evolution of this historic garden. Read more in the latest editorial, published by The Planthunter here

We hope you enjoy this Autumn edition of The Vine. Keep an eye out for our next feature blog about how to light your garden to create optimum atmosphere and impact.

Until then, happy gardening.

Nicola Cameron
Director and Founder of Pepo Botanic Design

‘Designed gardens that inspire, connect and restore’